TOTON: The Works

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TOTON: The Works 

The ultimate diesel depot documentary 

TOTON TRACTION MAINTENANCE DEPOTin Nottinghamshire is the single largest locomotive workshop in the UK. In the summer of 1998 (when this programme was filmed) the depot had an allocation of more than 200 locomotives and it undertook a variety of work ranging from A Exams and re-fuelling to engine re-builds and general overhauls. Under the early years of English, Welsh & Scottish Railway, Toton became the centre of the company’s diesel locomotive maintenance operations and had its role extended to include work previously carried out at major works. This programme provides a unique and comprehensive insight into the UK’s premier traction depot, including:

* TOTON SPOT CHECK: You’d be amazed at what goes on at Toton at any given time… engine repairs to Virgin’s 47 825, the overhaul of Freightliner’s 47 308, fuel leak attention to 58 001, an A exam for 37 116, a B exam for 31 163, a bogie swap for 37 798, fire damage repairs to 60 056…and the arrival of a graffiti-covered 56 011.

* CLASS 56 GENERAL OVERHAUL: from start to finish, 56 094’s three month residency at Toton. Includes the power unit removal, cleaning and re-painting the engine room, re-fitting the overhauled power unit, load bank testing, the application of EWS livery and the re-fitting of the locos Eggborough Power Station nameplates.

* THE NIGHT SHIFT: the depot goes into overdrive as a seemingly endless queue of locos visit the refuelling point throughout the night, while inside the depot fitters ensure repairs and exams are completed in time for the morning shift.

* MAINTENANCE ASPECTS: Toton’s Production Engineer provides a fascinating insight into the pros and cons of each loco class maintained at Toton. Find out how classes 08, 31, 37, 47, 56, 58 and 60 are really rated by the professionals!

* THE NEW CLASS 66: The first of EWS’ Class 66s had only just arrived from Canada. The project engineer responsible for their introduction provides a detailed and authoritative guided tour of 66 001 before it had even entered traffic.

* THERE’S ALSO: locomotive performance statistics, the 2 converted Class 37 ‘transporter units’, the Toton traincrew operation, how locos are called for exams, power unit overhauls, the wheel lathe….and the nameplate storeroom!

TOTON : The Extras

During the filming of this programme we amassed many hours of footage, much of which is now history. This DVD has a 25-minute bonus feature of previously unseen footage from the days when Toton was not only a hive of activity but hosted many of the older classes of locomotives. Included here are the general overhaul of 37 401, a last look at Large Logo 37 408, Load Banking 58 041 and pressure washing the empty engine room of 47 339.

This programme was filmed at a time when there was just one Class 66 in the UK and the depot was busy maintaining the ‘old order’. Sadly, many of the featured locomotives are now history. From minor repairs to major overhauls, no other depot provided as much variety of work as at Toton. Produced in association with EWS and presented by David Maxey, this digitally re-mastered DVD is the ultimate diesel depot documentary! 

Produced in association with EWS.

"This really is first-rate material and enormous effort has obviously gone into its production. It is riveting." RAIL EXPRESS

Programme Fact File

Narration: David Maxey.
First Published: 1998 on VHS, 2009 DVD
Area Featured: Depot Only
Classes Featured: 37, 47, 56, 58, 60, 66.
Availability: Now

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