Stay of Execution

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Stay of Execution

When Traction Magazine, the East Lancashire Railway and EWS got together to stage a diesel event and decided it would be the biggest and best of its kind ever, they meant it! Not only had EIGHT of the visiting main line locomotives never operated over a private railway before, but it was the first time withdrawn locomotives had been resurrected from the scrapline for such a show! 

The three-day "EWS Classic Traction Event" featured this amazing EWS motive power line-up: 
31110 - newly re-painted back into British Railways green livery as D5528;
33202 - brought out of store at Immingham specially for the show; complete with Burma Star nameplates; 
37351 - the ‘Clag Monster’ - temporarily re-numbered 37002 with black headcode boxes; 37906 another escapee from Immingham, this loco stole the show with its amazing flame-throwing exploits and it teamed up with classmates 37029 & 37351 to produce a spectacular Tractor triple-header;
47306 - dragged off the Old Oak Common scrapline at the last minute, The Sapper had not worked a train for 9 months; 
56006 - rescued from Immingham and sent to Old Oak for a re-paint into original BR blue, the Rumanian Grid looked stuning hauling a rake of blue and grey Mark 1 coaches; 
73129 & 73133 - were the event’s most bizarre visitors - the first EDs to work over the East Lancs!

This 110 minute programme is the official DVD of the event and was produced with the full co-operation of EWS and the East Lancs Railway. Not only are there plenty of stunning lineside shots but also three mini ‘Wired for Sound’ cab-ride sequences featuring 37 906, 47 306 and 73 133. There is also behind the scenes footage from Immingham and Old Oak Common depots showing how the locos were resurrected from the scrapline and prepared for their moment of glory. The are also two fascinating interludes which show the entire start-to-finish re-paints of 31 110 and 56 006 at Old Oak. This programme has been digitally re-mastered and also includes an additional 20 minutes bonus footage not featured in the original VHS version….plus a ‘Where are they Now’ feature. If you were at the event, you will know what to expect. If you weren't you'll wish you had been!

"An extraordinary record of a unique spectacle." RAILWAY MAGAZINE

Programme Fact File

Introduction: David Maxey
First Published: 1999
Route Featured: East Lancashire Railway
Classes Featured: 31, 33, 35, 37, 40, 47, 56, 73.
Availability: Now

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