Traction 2014 Pt2

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TRACTION 2014 Part 2

FREIGHT TRAFFIC & TRACTION: pairs of Riviera Class 47s on GBRf’s Drax gypsum traffic; new DRS Class 68s on Mountsorrel and Shap ballast and on Scottish intermodal traffic; 47812 ventures to Kilmarnock to collect new-build Ecofret wagons for GBRf; 50007 Hercules on the Boston steel; Balfour Beatty-liveried 20142 & 20189 on RHTT duties at London Victoria; Colas Class 37s on test runs and RHTT duties; 59003 returns to the UK from Germany; overhauled Colas Class 60s on test and in traffic; DB Schenker’s 60040 rescuing Colas Rail’s Sinfin tanks; Scotrail-liveried 90019 on the Millerhill-Tyne Yard infrastructure trip; new GBRf Class 66s being unloaded at Newport Docks; 73961 undergoing testing at the Great Central Railway; the first Colas Class 70 to work the Boston steel; the first main line runs of re-instated 56091 for Heavy Haul and 56103 for DCR; 73128 returns to the main line for GBRf; West Coast Railways’ 37688 hauling a crane from Eastleigh to Hornsey; 66084 de-railed at Brocklesby...and 47812, 68009 and 70807 on RHTT moves from York Works.


Tour De France additional loco-hauled services featuring DRS Class 47s & 57s and 67006 hauling the Virgin ‘Pretendolino’; a short-formation FGW HST working an Oxford-Paddington DMU service; 57305 & 57312 re-painted into Northern Belle livery; 68014 working the first Class 68-hauled charter train; D1015 Western Champion ventures to Kent on the ‘Canterbury Champion’ railtour; 40145 visits Saltburn on the ‘Cleveland Potter’; 47815 on a GBRf staff special to Great Yarmouth; DRS haulage for Virgin’s ‘Welsh Warrior’ Mark 3 farewell; multiple Class 57 failures and traction combinations on FGW’s Night Riviera sleepers...and 91111 unveiled in WW1 remembrance livery. 

THERE’S ALSO: 50017 Royal Oak returns to the main line after 14 years; Crompton D6515 taking DMU vehicles from Swanage to Eastleigh Works; FGW’s 57605 at Ipswich hauling the Virgin ‘Pretendolino’ from Wembley to Norwich; 73119 & 73136 hauling the vintage ‘Chesham’ coaches from the Bluebell Railway to West Ruislip; 73961 working its first passenger train on the GCR; 47714 on EMU shunting duties at Asfordby; DRS Class 57s on a snowplough test run in Kent; London Underground Schoma diesel locos hauling the 1960 Cravens tube stock at the Epping & Ongar Railway; 68007 visits the Mid-Norfolk Railway; nine Class 14s hauling a passenger train at the East Lancashire Railway...and prototype HST power car 41001 hauling its first passenger train in 38 years!


Programme Fact File

Narration: David Maxey
First Published: 2015
Areas Featured: From all over the UK
Class Featured: Most current UK loco types, including some preserved.
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