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The Power Hour Volume 2

Do you remember when diesel locomotives sounded like they were actually working hard? And when smoke came out of the exhaust stacks? And when a heavy train brought out the best in a diesel ? If so, this programme is a nostalgic reminder of what made diesels more than just 'boxes on wheels'. A guaranteed 'GM free' product, this video contains nothing less than 60 minutes of "full on thrash"!

HEAVY FREIGHT including 37412 & 37428 hauling the 2,400-tonne Immingham - Llanwern iron ore; the nostalgic sight and sound of pairs of 47s on Freightliner and Rill traffic; 37603 on the Fort William-Coatbridge ingots; 31142 & 31420 with a 1,200 tonne sand train; 33019 & 33116 at Dorridge with the Fawley - Washwood Heath bitumen tanks; BR blue 56006 under the Barnetby semaphores with loaded steel.

'BINLINER' THRASH featuring 37025 & 37376 on the Brentford-Appleford; 47772 erupting at Forders with the Cricklewood 'Bins' and 2 x Class 56 and 3 x Class 31s on the Northolt-Calvert!!

ON THE CLIMB -37901 on the Llanwern - Ebbw Vale steel; 37906 tackling the Camp Hill incline with the Baglan Bay tanks; 33051 & 33116 breasting Lickey summit; 50031 pounding up Hemerdon; 58034 climbing the awesome Cwmbargoed branch in the Welsh Valley. ..PLUS an extraordinary sequence on the Folkestone Harbour branch as 73133 & 73129 struggle to haul a full Orient Express set up the severe incline - without any 'juice' from the third rail!

and 55019 plus 50031 & 50049 with a 900-tonne ballast! PASSENGER 'THRASH' -31190 pounding its way along the shores of Loch Eilt; 37402 storming out of Llandudno Junction; 31421 on the Manchester-Blackpool Club Train; 47793 powering up to Slochd on the Highland Main Line with the Aberdeen sleeper. ..and 47799 clagging its way over the Chiltern Line with the Royal Train.

STANDING START - filmed from the cab and 'Wired for Sound', 37516 & 37421 perform a rousing standing start on the 1 in 46 incline from the 'stop board' at Cwmbargoed. And on a wet rail!

THE MOTHER OF ALL CLAG SHOTS -D9000 obliterating the Birmingham skyline is impressive enough, but the sight of 56102 at South Ruislip has to be seen to be believed!

THE ENTERTAINMENT CONCLUDES with an amazing sequence of 37683 slipping to a stand with a ballast train - in France! When the awesome gradient on the approach to Tartaguile Tunnel proved too much for the 37, the driver was forced to take unorthodox action to ensure the train completed its journey. Class 37s like you've never heard them before!

The programme features 11 different locomotive loco classes - on a wide range of passenger and freight duties, hard at work across the British Isles. With maximum thrash, the sound tracks are quite simply AWESOME!

'The last 10 minutes of this video are worth the 16.95alone!' RAILWAY MAGAZINE

Now only available on the Power Hour 3 DVD


Programme Fact File

Introduction: David Maxey
First Published: 2002
Route Featured: From all over the UK
Classes Featured: 31, 33, 37, 45, 47, 50, 52, 55, 56, 57, 58, 73.
Availability: Now

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