Power Hour 6

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Power Hour 6

Viewers of the previous five programmes in the Power Hour series will know exactly what to expect here! For those of you who like to see – and hear – diesel locomotives being pushed to the limit on the main line, this is the programme for you! A combination of stiff gradients, standing starts and wheelslip, combined with power handles that are wide open, produce some spectacular scenes. And there’s plenty of clag too. Filmed over a 16-year period from 2000 to 2015, this DVD comprises a mix of old and new main line traction in the 21st century and includes…

FREIGHT WORKINGS: 37412 & 37418 wheelslipping with coal from Tower Colliery, 60500 tackling the Lickey with the Westerleigh-Lindsey tanks, 33029 powering a departmental working to Farnham, D1015 at full bore hauling a rail train to Scunthorpe, triple-headed EWS Class 31s ‘wide open’ on a Temple Mills-Peterborough departmental, 66609 climbing out of Beechbrook Farm on a CTRL ballast train, 20096 & 20107 pounding up Desford bank, a Vac attack from 50007 on the Boston steel, 68015 performing a standing start with the Mountsorrel-Crewe ballast, 47815 clagging out of Doncaster on the Goole sand, DCR Class 31s and 56s powering the Railvac, screaming Colas  56s on the Chirk timber and Boston & Tilbury steel...and EWS Class 37s and 56s hard at work in France.

PASSENGER WORKINGS & RAILTOURS: standing starts from 37410 and 37425 on Rhymney-Cardiff services, 20308 & 20312 thrashing away from Princes Risborough, 50049 storming through the Bristol suburbs, 47854 powering towards Glen Douglas summit, 55022 at full power on the Larkhall branch, 37676 & 37685 blasting away from Shrewsbury, 47853 & 47841 opening up on a Southampton Docks boat train, 31454 & 31601 thundering along the Esk Valley line, the now-preserved 37248 staggering away from Tyndrum Lower, 40145 making a lively departure from Whitchurch, 50044 pounding up Dainton, D1015 tackling the climbs to Shap summit and Bincombe tunnel...and Classes 37, 50 and 55 doing battle with the Lickey!

This DVD features 14 different loco classes - 20, 31, 33, 37, 40, 47, 50, 52, 55, 56, 57, 60, 66 and 68.

The programme is in two sections. The older material is in the traditional 4.3 picture format, and that is followed by the more recent footage in 16.9 widescreen. Although some of the workings may seem familiar to viewers of our TRACTION series, none of the footage in POWER HOUR 6 has featured in any other Locomaster DVD. We like to keep all the best ‘thrash’ material for this series!

Programme Fact File

Introduction: David Maxey
First Published: 2015
Route Featured: From all over the UK
Classes Featured: 20,31,33,37,40,47,50,52,55,56,57,60,66 and 68.
Availability: Now

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