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Power Hour 

The ‘Power Hour’ series originally began life not as a series but as a ‘one off’ programme. Crammed full of locos working at full tilt, often accompanied by some serious exhaust emissions, the ‘Power Hour’  programme (which was released in 1999) proved so popular that we were inundated with requests for a sequel. ‘Power Hour 2’ duly appeared three years later and contained the same noise and clag ingredients as its predecessor – as did a third programme released in 2005. As PH3 was the first to appear on DVD we took the opportunity of including PH1 and PH2 as bonus features. That’s a whopping three hours on one DVD! Subsequent programmes followed as and when we had enough material that we considered worthy of inclusion. Although new releases are infrequent, by the summer of 2017 the series totalled seven programmes. Although the first three were an hour long, by the time we fully switched to releasing titles only on DVD, we felt that 60 minutes was a little on the short side. Therefore, from ‘Power Hour 4’ each programme is 90 minutes long – hence the addition of ‘and a half’ after each respective title.

All the featured scenes have been filmed across the country on the national rail network. There are no preserved or heritage lines here – but there are occasional shots from abroad featuring former BR locos such as Class 37s and 56s hard at work on European soil. Preserved locomotives that have returned to the main line can also be seen – and heard – stretching their legs on the big railway. Each edition has a variety of loco classes; you can check each individual website page to see exactly what locos are on each DVD. Of equal importance is the audio, and each Power Hour  has a stunning soundtrack which is best appreciated through a good sound system. And here’s another important factor about the series – no shots appear in any other Locomaster programme. We save all the best thrash and clag shots for this series. To give you an idea of the content, the images on the right are actual stills from some of the programmes.

To sum up: if you enjoy the sight and sound of diesel locomotives being pushed to the limit – as well as plenty of emission-busting clag – this is the series for you! A final word – please consider your neighbours before playing these programmes through your surround sound system.


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