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The Power Hour

Sixty minutes of classic ‘thrash’ shots in glorious Hi-Fi sound!

As the new breed of Class 66s take over freight workings in ever-increasing numbers, the traditional sound of a diesel locomotive thrashing away at the front of a train is slowly becoming a thing of the past. So here are sixty minutes of the very best thrash shots we can lay our hands on - all of which have not previously been released on any Locomaster video. Not only have we tried to provide a cross-section of loco classes, but we have managed to include a good selection of celebrity machines AND a variety of locomotive liveries. All of the featured locos are on FULL BORE. Your neighbours may not be impressed, but YOU will be!

The programme kicks off with some classic power scenes from the infamous Lickey incline. Seen tackling the 1 in 37 gradient are 31105, 37716 and 33051 & 33116 on a charter! Another famous incline - that between Exeter St David’s and Exeter Central - is tackled by 47712 Lady Diana Spencer on a Waterloo-bound NSE service. There’s some superb action from the Central Wales line with 2 Class 37s tackling the climb to Sugar Loaf summit with a steel train. Rousing scenes from Scotland feature classes 37, 47 and 56 hard at work while, in the North East, 56118 takes a stunning exit from the now-closed Westoe Colliery. Meanwhile, 37895 spectacularly ‘wheelslips’ the Cardiff-Aberthaw tanks! There’s major thrash from the Ebbw Vale ‘stopboard’ with 56010 and 37906, and 2 Class 20s staggering up to Llanvihangel summit with a 1,700 tonne Freightliner! The programme concludes at Peak Forest as 2 Class 37s struggle to start the Tunstead-Northwich ICI hoppers. The racket is quite astonishing! THE POWER HOUR runs for 60 minutes and has a superb Hi-Fi soundtrack which, for maximum effect, is best reproduced when the video player is connected to a Hi-Fi system.

"A timely reminder of why many of us got interested in railways in the first place." TRACTION Magazine

Now only available on the Power Hour 3 DVD


Programme Fact File

Introduction: David Maxey
First Published: 1999
Route Featured: From all over the UK
Classes Featured: 20, 31, 33, 37, 47, 50, 52, 55, 56, 57, 58, 60.
Availability: Now

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