Diesels in Preservation 

WITH footage dating back to 1984, Murray Brown reflects on a decade of achievements in the world of diesel preservation, featuring many ‘firsts’, endless variety and plenty of spectacular action from around the country:
• Double-headed 20s, 24s, 40s, Peaks & Warships on the EAST LANCASHIRE RAILWAY.
• A Deltic on freight and the first-ever quadruple-header at the MIDLAND RAILWAY CENTRE.
• 212 storming Eardington bank, spectacular Deltic exhaust displays on the SEVERN VALLEY RAILWAY.
• Hymek D7029 in action and a Deltic on fire on the NORTH YORK MOORS.
• 50027, 45133 & 55019 powering over the ‘Alps’ on the MID-HANTS.
• D306 on freight at the NENE VALLEY.
• Double-headed Deltics & Type 2s on the KEIGHLEY & WORTH VALLEY
• Scottish Type 1s & 2s on the BO’NESS & KINNEIL.
• D1035 on freight at the DIDCOT GWR CENTRE.
• D7672 Tamworth Castle on the KENT & EAST SUSSEX.
• D100 towing Co-Bo D5705 at PEAK RAIL.
• Double-headed Hymeks on the WEST SOMERSET RAILWAY.

There’s also..
• THE RETURN OF IXION: D172 ‘on the jacks’ inside Crewe Diesel Depot, the mainline certification at Tinsley TMD and the inaugural test run in February 1994. Owner Pete Waterman also reveals how he got Ixion through the red tape.
• CLASS 20s ON THE LONDON UNDERGROUND: 20227 and D8110 on ballast duties, 20227 on Met Line Steam Specials & the "Metro Gnome" railtour.

70 different locos representing 18 classes • diesel preservation at its best!

"For any diesel enthusiast, this video will provide a great 75 minutes of entertainment." RAILWAY MAGAZINE

Programme Fact File

Narration: Murray Brown
First Published: 1994
Route Featured: Preserved Railways around the UK
Classes Featured: Most in preservation as at 1994.
Availability: Now

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