Class 37s Past & Present

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Class 37s Past & Present 

The Class 37 has been one of the most succesful and popular diesel locomotives of its generation and their versatility and excellent route availability have seen them work just about every type of train and cover virtually the entire national rail network. Spanning 25 years and covering much of the country, this DVD features over 130 Class 37s at work on the main lines and branch lines of Britain. From the BR era of the 1980’s and 1990’s through privatisation to the present day, this programme features many of the celebrity locos, numerous  liveries, all the sub-Class variations, an amazing variety of workings - and plenty of thrash! It’s not short on nostalgia either. Among the many locos and workings are....

37002 & 37106 on the Immingham-Scunthorpe iron ore, 37027 & 37040 with the Peak Forest-Hope Street  limestone, 37214 on Speedlink coal to Neasden, 37175 and 37196 hauling Cornish china clay hoods, 37260 and 37262 on Scottish Speedlink’s, 37417 & 37420 on the Burngullow-Irvine ‘Silver Bullet’, 37906 in East Anglia on the Cardiff-Whitemoor metals service, 37026 & 37069 & 37083 triple-heading iron ore for Ravenscraig steelworks, 37244 at Lime Kiln Junction with coal empties for Oakdale colliery, 37099 & 37293 on the Margam-Dee Marsh steel, 37892 on the Dawlish sea wall with the Fawley-Tavistock Junction tanks, 37144+37218 on the Middleton Towers sand, 37605 hauling the last Swindon-Tilbury ‘Butterliner’, 37025 working the Bescot-Stud Farm ballast, 37029 single-handedly powering the Millbrook-Coatbridge Freightliner, 37116 with the Bescot-Brierly Hill trip, 37514+37516 working the Redmire-Redcar limestone, 37308 hauling  the 1,200 tonne Eastleigh-Wembley ‘Enterprise’, 37503+37669 with pipes for Georgemas Junction, 37218 on the Thameshaven-Langley tanks, 37099+37293 performing a standing start from Abergavenny with 1,500 tonnes of hot steel coils for Dee Marsh, 37405+37425 on the Brentford-Appleford ‘Bins’, 37510+37667 with the Stockton-Sheerness scrap, 37223 on the 16.53 Weymouth-Bristol, 37113 working the 09.25 Stonehaven-Inverness, 37141 on a rare Waterloo-Exeter passenger service rescuing a failed 50 037, 37197 dragging a HST from Exeter to Paddington, 37109 working the VSOE, 37416 hauling the Royal Train, 37604+37608 on a North Pole-Waterloo ‘Eurostar’ ‘drag’, ex-Works 37350 on the ‘Coalville Cobbler’ in 1988 and then being named at York ten years later, Network Rail 97/3s in action...and Class 37s working abroad in France and Spain!

Programme Fact File

Narrator: David Maxey 
First Published: 2011
Areas Featured: From all over the UK.
Class Featured: 37.
Availability: Now

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