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A Load of Rubbish
Medway Crompton
Silver Bullet Syphons
Unplugged - Extra
Day Rover
50 Terminator
Vac Attack
All the Way!
Hot and Heavy
National Grid
Heavy Metal
Brighton Brush
A Day on the Clay
North Star
Double O
Black & Blue
Long Short Drag
Double Scotch
One Four Seven
VXC 125
Harbour Lights
Solent Sulzer
Boulby Grid
Joint Diversion
Box By Box
Taking Stock
Jet Set
68 Commuter
Short Cuts
Headcode 98


Our "Wired for Sound" series of programmes are a unique collection of ‘sight and sound’ cab-ride videos. Not only do they depict a ‘drivers eye’ view of the route but they also portray the sound of the locomotive hard at work. When we filmed the ‘50 Terminator’ programme back in March 1994, little did we realise that this was to be the start of a whole range of such programmes. The response to the video, whose splendid views of the last BR Class 50 farewell railtour were complemented by the stunning sound of the 50s thrashing their way over some challenging gradients, was such that we were subsequently inundated with requests for a sequel! 

For that we chose to ride on a pair of St Blazey-based 37s as they hauled the last Burngullow-Newport ‘Silver Bullet’ that was booked for Class 37 haulage. Having again received rave reviews, the ‘Wired for Sound’ series was born. 

As you browse through the titles, you will notice that - for a variety of reasons - virtually all of the programmes are now history. This is due to either a) the loco class now being obsolete, b) the traffic flow finishing or c) the train is now hauled by a Class 66! The two exceptions are ‘Vac Attack’, (2 x Class 50 from Glasgow to Crewe) and ‘All the Way’ (Deltic D9000 from Kings Cross to Edinburgh) both of which feature history being re-created by way of a railtour.

Between them the programmes cover a wide geographical area from Cornwall to Scotland and they include main line and secondary routes together with a number of freight only branches. The choice of motive power covers loco classes 31/33/37/47/50/55 and 56 including 'Mirrlees Pioneer' the exceptionally loud 37 901 on a trip to Ebbw Vale.


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