All the Way!

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All the Way

THE ultimate footplate experience - a 100 mph Deltic on the main line!

This ‘Wired for Sound’ cab-ride was originally released in 1997, but has now been digitally re-mastered to provide enhanced picture quality as well as the inclusion of around 20 minutes extra footage.

The journey on board D9000 Royal Scots Grey is over legendary Deltic territory - the East Coast Main Line, all 393 miles of it! The train is the "Deltic Scotsman" from King’s Cross to Edinburgh on 6th September 1997, the first Deltic-hauled passenger train between the two termini for more than 15 years. After easing out of ‘The Cross’, D9000 gathers speed through the North London suburbs of Finsbury Park, Harringay and Barnet. After a stop at Stevenage, D9000 is off again for a rousing run through Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire before calling at Peterborough. That’s followed by a spirited run up to Stoke Summit. 

After descending to Grantham, Royal Scots Grey continues north through Newark and Retford, before blasting through the centre road at Doncaster. With a new driver at the controls from York, the famous four-track racing stretch to Northallerton has the twin 18-cylinder Napiers roaring away at full bore.

Continuing north through Darlington, Ferryhill and Durham, D9000 pauses briefly in Newcastle station before a performing a rousing run past Heaton depot. Next the train crosses the famous Royal Border Bridge at Berwick. As the train ran on the day of the Princess of Wales’ funeral, as a mark of respect the train stopped for a 2-minute silence on the England/Scotland border. And not at a signal either, but right next to the border sign. The final leg of the journey sees the Deltic storm through the Borders Region and into Lothian before arriving at Edinburgh’s Waverley station.

An outstanding performance that proves, even by today’s standards, the Deltic is a legendary machine - in sight, sound and power. So, climb ‘up front’ for this spectacular and historic journey!

"Two Napiers unleashed for your ultimate pleasure!"

Programme Fact File

Narrator: David Maxey
First Published: 1997:VHS, 2006:DVD
Route Featured: The ECML frpm Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley 
Class Featured: 55.
Availability: Now

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